Universal Panel

An exceptional visual feature of racks from the Panel line is their design with a wide steel panel and a stainless handle attached to the front column. The panel can be covered and its color selected according to the RAL color palette.
Universal rack is the most capacious of all the racks and is composed of such elements as a steel frame, columns, two horizontal crossbars and ski forks mounted on the crossbars. Each fork is coated with a special anti-slip rubber paint and can accommodate up to three pairs of skis. The rack has an exceptional functionality and capacity – adjustable-height horizontal crossbars enable the storage of skis of different sizes and the possibility to freely arrange forks on the crossbars. When the winter season is over, ski forks can be easily replaced with forks for bikes. 
Rack elements exposed to corrosion are made of powder coated galvanized steel.


  • maximum capacity for skis storing
  • two crossbars with forks holding up to 3 pairs of skis each
  • ski forks covered with a special anti-slip rubber coat
  • option to exchange ski forks for snowboard and bicycle forks
  • made of powder-coated galvanized steel
Length Width Height Capacity*
1500 mm 800 mm 2420 mm 60
1800 mm 800 mm 2420 mm 72
2000 mm 800 mm 2420 mm 84
2400 mm 800 mm 2420 mm 108
3000 mm 800 mm 2420 mm 132
4000 mm 800 mm 2420 mm 168

*calculated for an average width of carving skis

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