Snowboard Rack

The rack enables the storage of snowboards with classic and rental bindings.
Boards are placed horizontally on special forks attached to two vertical columns. The surface of the forks is covered with a special anti-slip rubber coat to guarantee stability and safety of the stored gear. The forks can be mounted on different levels of the columns in order to provide the best use of space, according to one’s needs and preferences. The capacity of the rack varies depending on the type of snowboard bindings. Rental snowboard bindings make it possible to store two snowboards with their bases facing each other on one fork level – the capacity of the rack amounts to 50 boards. If snowboards with classic bindings are stored, one board per one fork level system applies. In the case of the 2400mm long rack, additional crossbars for ski poles can be added. Rack elements exposed to corrosion are made of powder coated galvanized steel.


  • storage of snowboards with rental and classic bindings
  • possibility to store snowboards of different lengths and types
  • special forks covered with anti-slip rubber material
  • optional unit for poles available with the 2400 mm long rack
  • made of powder-coated galvanized steel
Length Width Height Capacity
1500 mm 800 mm 2420 mm 25/50
1800 mm 800 mm 2420 mm 25/50
2000 mm 800 mm 2420 mm 25/50
2400 mm 800 mm 2420 mm 25/50
3000 mm 800 mm 2420 mm 50/100
4000 mm 800 mm 2420 mm 50/100
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