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We are the first Polish company that gained ISPO Award Winner
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Ski racks and boot dryers delivered to our clients in 2016
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Chcemy być autentycznym i rzetelnym partnerem każdego naszego klienta. Chcemy wspierać jego działalność oraz rozwój dostarczając produkty zgodne, kompletne, funkcjonalne i trwałe. Na czas.

Staramy się tworzyć koncepcje i jakość, które spełnią oczekiwania właścicieli ośrodków narciarskich, wypożyczalni sprzętu zimowego, górskich hoteli, czy sklepów sportowych - niezależnie od szerokości i długości geograficznej, które określają lokalizację ich działalności.
Tworząc produkty identyfikujemy najpierw najważniejsze, uniwersalne cechy, których oczekiwać oraz szukać będą ich nabywcy i użytkownicy.

Wyjście naprzeciw potrzebom naszych międzynarodowych klientów wymaga kompetencji, otwartości na zmiany oraz elastyczności. Uczymy się każdego dnia przyswajać te kluczowe cechy i urzeczywistniać je w naszym otoczeniu konkurencyjnym - zmieniając swój sposób widzenia, metody prowadzenia biznesu, szukając lepszych rozwiązań, podejmując wyzwania oraz czerpiąc z gromadzonego doświadczenia.

Chcemy stać się Twoim Partnerem – w jakichkolwiek górach, czy w jakimkolwiek mieście na świecie korzystasz z systemów przechowywania sprzętu zimowego.


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The Company established in Ustron

Wojciech Śliwka establishes the QBL company and opens the first ski rental shop in Ustroń, Poland.




First ski racks and dryers exported

QBL initiates cooperation with foreign clients and exports the first ski storage equipment to Neuss, Germany.



First European Union grant gained

QBL gains the first European Union grant for company's production plant development.




First international exhibitions

QBL participates in ISPO Munich and ProWinter Bozen as an exhibitor for the first time.




First ice rink equipped

QBL delivers the first ice-skate racks and dryers to facilities of an open-air ice rink in Gorky Park, Moscow.




First ski depot delivered abroad

QBL provides the ski lockers to a large foreign ski depot in Vista Wellness Hotel, Czech Rep. for the first time.




First ISPO Award Winner

QBL as the first Polish company in history gains prestigious ISPO Award Winner in Rental&Service Equipment category.



First winter sports fairs overseas

QBL shows its range of products overseas for the first time - at SIA Snow Show in Denver, Colorado.

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QBL is probably the only manufacturer of storage & drying systems for winter sports equipment to oversee every stage of the production process.

The entire production process takes place within the company's own facility and in one location. This allows us to better coordinate and manage every step and enables synergy between various production processes. The greatest advantage is that we can react more efficiently to the non-standard, individual requirements of customers concerning both specific product features and order processing time.

Unlike our competitors we are not reliant on other manufacturers and our prices don't include the usual suppliers' margin for intermediate services, parts or products. This economical approach means greater savings for QBL and our customers benefit from attractive and highly competitive prices over our entire range of storage & drying systems.


Thanks to the availability of an extended production base we have the possibility to manufacture a wide array of different types of steel and plastic elements in practically any shape as well as to develop patterns, models and prototypes.

We achieve high quality through technologically advanced, digitally controlled machinery that is able to complete precision-oriented tasks to the highest standard. It is also crucial that we use only high-grade materials and intermediate products that enable us to produce systems that are extremely durable and resistant to extremes in temperature and humidity.

Most of the elements in our storage systems, including columns, angle brackets, hoods, panels, shelves, rails or hooks, are cut from galvanized or stainless steel. We then use special machinery to transform these cut elements into spatial forms which can then be professionally welded or compressed. We then coat the parts with powder paint to provide surface parts with tough, long-lasting protection from corrosion and the elements.


In the working environment, whether in rental shops or ski depots, functionality is key. Our products are designed to store the required amount of equipment or offer the most efficient form of boot drying in the safest and most accessible way. Each piece has been carefully designed to make the most of the clients' space and our racks can all be adjusted to suit various different types and sizes of stored ski or snowboard equipment.

Before QBL products get to the sale stage, they undergo stringent testing, so our partners around the world are assured of quality. In other words, we examine their construction, types of applied materials, size or capacity of racks, or efficiency and energy saving of drying systems. Every year when the winter season is over we start working on the ideas of new products or improvements for the existing ones that would suit even better the customers’ needs, new trends and market requirements.


The quality of our products is crucial. However, we also understand that each piece we design should have its own unique character and be attractive to its user. QBL strives to create storage racks, depot lockers and boot dryers that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and universal.

We believe in simplicity in terms of form design and applied materials. Clean, modern product lines are subtle and minimal and perfectly complement the decor and fittings in stylish ski rental shops or ski depot facilities. QBL is the first Polish company to receive an ISPO Award Winner thanks to philosophy of combining exceptional performance with fine design features.

Follow us and stay tuned.