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The distribution chain of QBL Storage Systems includes independent foreign companies from the winter sports sector. These companies have been in the business for many years and understand its specificity; they have an established position and customers’ trust in their countries. Their experience and knowledge are crucial for QBL’s successes abroad. 

Each sales representative of QBL acts in a given country on the basis of exclusivity. All QBL Storage Systems orders are processed through the representative and with his participation We encourage you to contact our QBL representatives in respective countries. In case of new markets, where the distribution has not been established yet, we invite you to contact our QBL headquarters in Poland. 

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The main office of QBL Storage Systems is located in Poland in the town of Ustron situated near the border with the Czech Republic, at the foot of Silesian Beskids – a part of the Western Carpathians mountain range.

The company is located:

70 km from the international airport in Ostrava (Czech Rep.)
115 km from the international airport in Pyrzowice (Poland)
130 km from the international airport in Krakow (Poland)
240 km  from the international airport in Wroclaw (Poland)
330 km from the international airport in Vienna (Austria)

QBL Wojciech Śliwka
Ul. Daszyńskiego 70c
43-450 Ustroń
NIP: PL5482074820
Tel.: +48 33 85 440 32
Fax: +48 33 85 422 82 

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