Boot Dryer

Boot Dryer is one of the most efficient devices of this type available on the market. Its construction consists of a frame, the rear column, the control cabinet and six two-sided shelves with slanted arms to place boots. The electrical system of the dryer is divided into three segments, and it is made of high-quality components designed for continuous operation. Each component including the heater, the fan and the pump of the disinfection system, was the subject of careful selection and long-term testing. All functions of the dryer are controlled using an electronic screen panel built into the side wall of the control cabinet. Using a few buttons you can set the operating mode of individual segments of the dryer and air temperature. Furthermore, with the electronic time control system it is possible to program time intervals during which the device will operate. The adjustment of settings can also be done remotely using a special application for smart phones. The arms, on which boots are placed, are replaceable and equipped with nozzles with a spring which opens air supply only when a boot is placed on the arm. By using the nozzles the entire drying power is directed only to openings in those arms, on which boots are present. The function of controlling the segments, adjusting working hours and the system of nozzles with springs contribute substantially to the high effectiveness of drying and energy efficiency of the device.
The dryer can be equipped with a disinfection system featuring an integrated tank for a disinfectant or an ionizing germicidal lamp. 


  • electronic control by means of a modern screen panel and smart phones
  • programmable drying times, air temperature and operation modes 
  • selected, durable components designed for permanent operation
  • replaceable arms for boots with special open-close nozzle system
  • very high efficiency of fans and heaters
  • possibility to apply a disinfection system or a germicidal lamp
Length Width Height Capacity
1500 mm 800 mm 2250 mm 48
1800 mm 800 mm 2250 mm 60
2000 mm 800 mm 2250 mm 72
2400 mm 800 mm 2250 mm 84
3000 mm 800 mm 2250 mm 108
4000 mm 800 mm 2250 mm 144
Power consumption* Power consumption** Voltage
246 / 5680 W 492 / 7730 W 3 x 400 V

*without heating / with heating – for dryers 1500 mm and 1800 mm wide
**without heating / with heating – for dryers 2000 mm and 2400 mm wide

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