Boot Dryer Panel 15

The Boot Dryer Panel 15 is designed for drying fifteen pairs of boots at a time. It is suitable for mounting against the wall. The device includes high-quality components like heater, fan, electronic control panel and replaceable arms on which boots are placed. The heating system is controlled electronically using a small screen panel or remotely through smart phones. Using a few buttons you can set air temperature, operating mode and program drying times of the device. The dryer is equipped with nozzles with a spring which opens air supply only when a boot is placed on the arm. As a result the entire drying power is directed only to openings in those arms, on which boots are present. The function of temperature control, adjustable working time and the open-close nozzle system contribute substantially to the high effectiveness of drying and energy efficiency of the device.


  • designed to be mounted against the wall and to dry fifteen pairs of boots at the same time
  • electronic control by means of a modern screen panel and smart phones
  • programmable drying times, air temperature and operation modes 
  • selected, durable components designed for permanent operation
  • replaceable arms for boots with special open-close nozzle system
  • very high efficiency of fans and heaters
Width Depth Height Capacity
900 mm 460 mm 2100 mm 15
Power consumption Voltage
2600 W 230 V
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